Current Campaign - North Kivu

Modern schools.


In a country that has been named the worst place in the world to be a woman - where women are often used as weapons of war - there exists long-term negative consequences for the population.

1 out of every 2 women in the DRC is illiterate, therefore women’s education is one of our key activities. Over 7.5 million children aged 5-17 are not in school, 3.9 million of whom are girls.

Retention of students - specifically amongst girls - is a serious issue in the DRC. The obstacles that hold them back include early forced marriage, domestic chores, child labour, poverty, and the tendency to prioritize male education. Heroes of Peace will build schools for girls and women who wants to come back to school and achieve their education.

This will break the tradition of not having adult high schools. This will eliminate a culture of considering women as objects and that deems them as a last choice in the family when comes it comes to receiving education. Our initiative will create women for peace. Heroes of Peace will provide sanitary pads for young girls who will be attending school to avoid missing schools during menstrual periods. Winning hearts and minds, Heroes of Peace will campaign against early and forced marriages and promote education and self-reliance among girls.

Heroes of Peace will establish schools in eastern DRC, such as in Beni, Rubero Rutchuru, Goma, walikare Masisi and many other areas that were affected by conflict. This will include building and operating new schools. We will also utilize the school space to deliver messages of peace and reconciliation by providing some programs that will raise awareness of conflict in Congo and solutions to these conflicts. We will additionally be providing workshops to parents regarding peace and reconciliation.

We know this activity will be effective since these programs will begin with youth who will be graduating from primary school and heading to high school knowing that they are part of problem-solving and understanding that they are responsible for creating solutions for change. To support this change-making, we also civics workshops for adults to learn how to be youth allies in the community and among decision-makers.

Part of the program that we are planning to offer is computer literacy to allow students to access information at a young age and during the learning process - a rarity in the DRC. We will provide quality education by training teachers, equipping them with the necessary material, and provide instruction in more than one language (i.e. English and French).

Heroes of Peace will provide scholarships to economically disadvantaged students. This will reduce the number of child soldiers in the DRC. This will work to not only give education, but also mentorship to youth.

We will build a vocational training centre for those who may not be able to pursue education so that they can use short-term skill training to become entrepreneurs. That will include sewing classes, carpentry, and literacy classes (language and arithmetic).

The facts.
1 out of every 2 women in the DRC is illiterate.

Over 7.5 million children aged 5-17 are not in school, 3.9 million of whom are girls.

1 in 5 children below the age of 11 will never attend school. And 2/3 of current students are illiterate.

 Nearly 4 in 5 teenagers are not enrolled in school and 90 percent of them are illiterate.