Our Vision

Choosing love over blood.

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Heroes of Peace is a non-governmental organization that builds durable solutions for peace and reconciliation by improving healthcare, education and poverty relief among victims of conflict in the DRC and to restore relationships among those displaced internationally.

Our organization works around-the-clock across three countries and two continents, to be able to create long-lasting impact in Congolese communities affected by conflict. Heroes of Peace also operates in diaspora communities throughout Rwanda, Canada and the United States to reunite displaced groups.


Our immediate goals are to:

1. Improve access to education in impoverished communities and/or conflict areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by building and operating schools and providing scholarships to economically disadvantaged students.

2. Improve the health of rural communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo by operating mobile health clinics in remote areas.

3. Alleviate poverty by offering micro loans to create economic sustainability and self-reliance for the economically disadvantaged.