Current Campaign - North Kivu

Entrepreneurial mentorship.


Heroes of Peace is promoting improved quality seeds production. This will allow us to supply quality seeds in population, and we will be able to put them in association to be able work together as a team. This will promote peace in a way people will be in the same association will be from different tribes and their goal will be to improve their livelihood.

We will train farmers at making and using bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers from local materials. This will increase productivity of the famers to eradicate hunger and increase food security.

Promotion of school teaching agro-veterinary program to sustain farmers and develop that areas more adequate to farming. Organizing agro-vet pharmacies by linking local farmers to specialized organizations and international markets to maximize their land profits.

Making farmers cooperatives and providing micro-credit at affordable rent benefits. Training farmer’s supervisors and rural radio programs to promote local farmers.

Launching sustainability projects such as a for-profit car wash for the city of Goma, where they currently wash their vehicles in Lake Kivu - an essential source for drinking water in the region. This will improve the health of the Lake, prevent individuals from drinking unsafe water, and improve employment.

Partnering with organizations that can provide renewable energy solutions to solve overconsumption issues.

Training young people to work in electricity and plumbing, and setting them to work in local communities. This will reduce the number of child soldiers due to high poverty levels. Heroes of Peace will also train young people to specialize in handmade shoes and clothes that will be provide a source of income.

Heroes of Peace understands that entrepreneurship is important among youth to promote self-growth and provide an avenue for income. In our entrepreneurial mentorship program, students will go through all the different stages of creating a business and ultimately, will be invited to create their own company, initiative, or project. Experts in sales, advertising, accounting and entrepreneurship will be present to help students in their journey. Heroes of Peace will also issue micro-grants to support youth initiatives, with an emphasis on social entreprises.


The facts.
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